Le Visage

RIVOLI Le Visage range is an anti-aging protocol stimulating the skin’s natural capacity to regenerate and repair from harmful external stress factors to reinforce its protecting barrier, while leaving the skin perfectly moisturized, nourrished, supple and illuminated.


Le Visage

Repair Mask

Le Visage Masque Reparateur_vegan_Rivoli

The skin’s best friend for a cocooning experience

Le Visage

Relaxing Tonic


An alcohol free lotion toning and refreshing the skin.

Le Visage

Cleansing Foam


A feeling of softness for a deep cleansing experience.

Le Visage

Repairing Night Cream

Le Visage Creme de Nuit Reparatrice_vegan_Rivoli

A customized night repair cream for a younger looking and regenerated skin.

Le Visage

Rejuvenating Day Cream

Le Visage Creme de Jour Jeunesse_vegan_Rivoli

A daily anti-aging custom skincare to boost the skin’s self-defense mechanism.

Le Visage

Luminous Serum

Le Visage Serum Lumiere_vegan_Rivoli

A light and lifting serum preventing skin aging.

Le Visage

Le Voyage


3 exceptional customized skincare products to fight against premature aging.

Le Visage

Intense Nutrition Cream


An all around long lasting nourishing, comforting and repairing care.