Standing in the corner

Artist : Simon Brown, from 2014-10-08 to 2015-01-09

The Rivoli Gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition by the leading interiors and still life photographer, Simon Brown. Entitled Standing in the Corner, the collection of limited edition prints from Brown features hauntingly beautiful interiors and location-inspired still life from a collection of houses across England, Ireland and France.

Brown, well known for Interiors, Still Life and Portrait photography published in magazines around the world, shot the pictures between 2008 and 2013 and says:

‘I love the imperfection of natural light and the genial chaos you can find in houses around the world. On location I use daylight – often shooting with north light so shadows remain constant, just as the Dutch Masters of the 17th century did with their painting – and with long exposures which seems to capture what I feel was the sense of a place.’

Brown’s pictures feature colors, textures and spaces that chart architectural decay and convey a grandeur of past lives whose spirits still seem to linger in a host of beautiful rooms and passages. 

Inspired by these locations he has shot a series of images at his west London studio from antique kitchen spoons, ripe autumn fruit to ancient kitchen hand whisks.

‘I shot these objects in what I saw as mini theatre sets. It elevates everyday objects into something ethereal and extraordinary.’

Simon Brown has an extraordinary ability to portray a haunting beauty in so much of his work. His eye for quirky detail and his skill in bringing a sense of who once occupied a room is a rare talent that brings humor to his pictures.


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