Organic and Mineral

Artist : Marion Catusse, from 2016-01-14 to 2016-03-17

La Galerie Rivoli is transforming itself into a “cabinet of curiosities” for the exposition of Marion Catusse, an artist who works with infinitely small forms to create a poetic sense of the living. A young talent discovered during the Salon de Montrouge in Paris, the artist Marion Catusse offers us a closer perception of life. After studying at the École de Condé in Paris, her work has been exhibited in Parisian galleries such as the Galerie Da End and even L’Avant-Garde in Bobigny. Since then, several press articles have been dedicated to her work in publications like Point Culture, Erectile Magazine and From Paris.

The exposition at the Galerie Rivoli presents the atypical journey of an artist who prefers pipettes to paint brushes and who mixes with aplomb and relevance the roles of scientific researcher and artist. Experimenting with the reactions between different materials, Marion Catusse confronts us with a physical-sensitive experience.


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