Sancta Venustas

Artist : Daniele Cima, from 2013-03-07 to 2013-05-24

Daniele Cima was born in 1950 to an old Milanese family that has long been playing a major role in the city’s artistic and cultural life. Indeed, ever since the middle of the nineteenth century, Cima’s relatives have been involved in areas as diverse as poetry, literature, journalism, music, painting and caricature.

His maternal grandfather Marino Parenti, himself an acclaimed painter, contributed a great deal towards the promotion of culture. He has been one of the founders and promoters of the Bagutta literary award.

At the age of 20, Cima launches his artistic career as Art Director first for major advertising networks, then for his own studio, Officima Communication Arts.

His creative talent and innovative graphic design have won him several prizes and awards across the world as well as a strong reputation as one of the most influent Art Directors in Italy ever.

“My profession is defined by two words and I always bear in mind that the first one is art”. True to this motto, he has been experimenting in various areas since the early nineties. His scope of activities knows no boundaries as he continuously breaks down the frontiers between commercial and pure art.

Nowadays, his work ranges between art direction, graphic design, type design, art work, paintings, pastiches and collages: a widely varied repertoire in which he constantly and sustainably tries to break codes and rules while displaying a refined and precious meticulousness in his technique. This can be seen in “Sancta Venustas”, his new series which pays tribute to female beauty.

Cima lives and works in Rome since few years. He has exhibited his work in Milan, Rome, Città della Pieva and London.


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