Todas son historias de amor

Artist : Felipe Gimenez, from 2013-10-08 to 2015-03-14

Just like a film director, Felipe Gimenez loves to tell stories. He adapts them to his own sensitivity, and turns a simple narrative into a metaphoric journey in which every emotion is clearly recognizable to all.

The fact that he defines himself as a “landscape designer of human relations” highlights the importance of social structure and interactions on his work.

The artist uses color as a metaphorical megaphone to convey his own feelings: monochrome backgrounds are filled with scratches that bring buried contrasts back to the surface at regular intervals.

Floating in what appears to be a precarious balance, the little figures become skillful acrobats barely hanging by a thread, cling on to umbrellas that serve as parachutes, or oscillate on swings like trapeze artists in an imaginary circus. But their instability resists gravity. Stubborn, they cling to one another and never fall, embracing love in the impetuous wind that turns their bodies into light kites.

Unfolding in Felipe’s art are splendid parables of the challenges we are faced with every day of our lives: with great curiosity, we explore details in every piece of his work, grasping implicit references, smiling at amusing hidden messages, and reflecting upon the paradigms every situation inevitably entails.


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