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In the heart of the Quartier des Bains district of Geneva, a major platform for contemporary art in Switzerland, RIVOLI opened its first concept store in 2012: RIVOLI Beauty Art Gallery. Throughout the year, RIVOLI Beauty Art Gallery is the place where ones can enjoy contemporary art, as well as discover RIVOLI skincare range of products. A unique place for a unique concept, where ART meets BEAUTY.

For more information about our art gallery, please contact us by email at: . You can also write to us at the below address: RIVOLI Beauty Art Gallery 14, rue de l’arquebuse 1204 Geneva Switzerland

Current exhibition : COLLECTION 365
Daving Vong ()

« Collection 365 »
“The tree is the sacred place, where heaven is rooted to the earth.”

« Collection 365 » is the name under which David Vong has chosen to (re)unite his various renderings of trees, in ink, painting and sculpture.

Trees have always fascinated humans. They breathe and make us breathe. Majestic, they start from the ground, reaching and rising through the sky with their branches and foliage.
Symbol that represents the life cycle, the tree is also an architectural element in its own right, softening the rigidity of urban structures and reminding us of the existence of an outside world, punctuated by the rhythm of the seasons.

David Vong’s trees dance, stretch, lean, soar, bend and intertwine; they move in the space of the paper, metamorphose and come to life.
They are poetic. They inspire aesthetic research and give free rein to our imagination.

Drawing one illustration per day, over the course of one year (2012-2013), David Vong created a forest of his own, seasoned with the hazards of daily life. He often drew during his daily journeys, allowing his moods and the events of his life influence their form.