RIVOLI aims to offer a selective clientele efficient skincare solutions, based on the latest findings in skin biology: all our products are based on a deep knowledge or intelligence of how the skin works, reacts and matures. Not only efficacy but also skin friendliness and sustainability are a must for all RIVOLI products.


Intelligence derives from the Latin verb intelligere; to discern, comprehend, literally: choose between (from inter: between,legere:to choose). In other words, meaning that one makes a decision after a detailed study of the available options. This intelligence is also applicable to the skin. This approach allows the skin to make scientifically intelligent choices as to which resrources it needs and how much of it for the purpose of restoring itself back to its youthful state. RIVOLI is the result of an intelligent design in pursuit of exceptional skincare products. The concept of RIVOLI rests upon the pinnacles of thoughtful decisions, applying the best proven standards, in-depth knowledge and expertise, and an unwavering commitment to quality, detail and tradition.

la BEAUTÉ INTELLIGENTE, understanding your skin.

Because every woman’s beauty is unique, RIVOLI knows that her skin is unique. Years of research and an exceptional heritage in cosmetics has allowed RIVOLI to develop active ingredients and formulations smart enough to adapt to any type of skin. By understanding the skin aging process and aiming to control the effect of time, thanks to unique technologies, RIVOLI has opened up the era of  intelligent skincare.