L’Eau de Nuit

Revitalizing Mist

Night time detoxifying mist helping the skin's repairing process.

At the end of day, the skin has accumulated cell damages as a result of exposure to free radicals coming from daily stress. L’Eau de Nuit is the result of the latest scientific breakthrough in skin research: a night mist combining unique actives to enhance the skin’s natural detoxing abilities and boost its regenerative process.

Like all other skincare of RIVOLI’s range of products, L’Eau de Nuit relies on ASP® (Advanced Skin Precursors).

Suitable for all skin types.

• Strong green tea actives fighting free radicals to protect the epidermis and dermis cells.

• Biological complex derived from resurrection plant contributing in protecting and restructuring the cells of the skin.

• NovHyal®: third generation hyaluronic acid, helping the skin reparative process and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

• UVaxine®: boosts the skin’s natural ability to fight UV damages.
• Free of parabens.

• Spray evenly on your face, neck and décolleté every evening before going to bed.

L’Eau de Nuit <br/>Revitalizing Mist