An innovative approach to anti-aging.

RIVOLI has no limits to innovation when it comes to women’s beauty. Thanks to the unique technologies of Advanced Skin Precursors® and Multi Lamellar Structure, combined with state of the art formulations, RIVOLI skincare adapts to every woman’s skin to fight against the skin aging process.

Advanced Skin Precursors®

In respecting the skin and specifically addressing the aging process, RIVOLI’s unique concept based on “precursor technology” boosts the natural activity of the skin affected with time and continuous harmful external stress factors (UV light, pollution…). ASP® molecules provide the exact dose of actives to the skin, to adapt and anticipate its needs. Without over dosage, the skin is regenerated for a sustainable, efficient and long term youth.

Multi Lamellar Structure

Aiming to perfectly imitate the natural multi-lamellar structure of a healthy human skin, it enables dry and sensitive skin to recover an efficient barrier to better fight against the aging process and external stress factors. Acting as a second skin, it protects the skin and helps ASPs® to be better assimilated. Prevents the need for emulsifiers in the formulations.

Cutting edge active ingredients

RIVOLI formulas use the latest discoveries in skin biology. Thanks to our bio-catalysis research laboratory, RIVOLI has come up with “needle free” solutions for boosting the skin’s synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, real alternatives to needle plastic surgery procedures.

Neodermyl®: the needle free collagen and elastin filler. Gold award winner of the best scientific innovation at in-cosmetics, leading exhibition of the cosmetic industry, Neodermyl® is a needle-free equivalent of injectable collagen and elastin. Developed by green chemistry it revitalizes aged fibroblasts and reactivates collagen I, III and elastin synthesis in a fast and sustainable way.

 Novhyal®: the 3rd generation hyaluronic acid. Equivalent to injectable hyaluronic acid, it acts as a pro-filler to plump the skin.

 Uvaxine®: “Vaccinate” your skin against UV. Triggers the skin’s own defences against UV irradiations to boost its ability to protect itself.

 Rubixyl®: the world‘s big bang peptide in anti-aging. First active ingredient from a new anti-aging research area: the control of skin cell receptors, to reverse the aging processes.