About us

As a part of a family-owned group of companies based in Switzerland, Rivoli benefits from access to all aspects of cosmetic science: from the design and the development of new innovative formulations, to the production and packaging of the finest skincare product.

Our know-how

This unique combination of experience and skills, accumulated from decades of research and development of the best ingredients and products for third parties, has led the founders Peter and Kuno Schweikert to design a skincare line using all this know-how. This is how Rivoli skincare line was finally unveiled in 2012, with the aim to offer the most efficient products possible to a discerning clientele.

Rivoli Today

Thanks to our team of highly qualified scientists, Rivoli has access to the latest findings in skin biology and aging process. Our ever growing and existing expertise allows Rivoli to develop highly efficient formulations using specific modes of action as well as new concepts to fight against skin aging, while protecting the skin. Aiming to control the effect of time in a unique way, Rivoli has started a new era: the era of intelligent beauty.