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Duo Les Mains Soin & Beauté
Duo Les Mains Soin & Beauté

For the Care & Beauty of the hands.
Limited edition available in store only.

109.00 CHF

The perfect gift for yourself, your best friend or your mum. A unique limited-edition set created in partnership between Rivoli X OZN Vegan. 

Includes 2 emblematic products for younger and beautiful looking hands, ready for spring season.


Les Mains 2.0 Soin Total Anti-Âge, Total Anti-Aging Hand Cream, 100ml

The outstanding properties of a clean, sustainable and vegan certified formula with proven efficacy. It helps the skin regain density, uniformity, while being protected from photo-aging and highly moisturized.


Mila color nail polish, 12ml

The absolute on trend spring warn nude shade for a beautiful looking nail. 
The ingredients are 90% sourced from sustainably grown, plant-based raw materials and 100% vegan.

For sustainable and effective beauty.

Should you wish to give yourself a manicure at home, first clean your nail with nail polish, then clip, file and buff to create a smooth surface. Push back your cuticles. Exfoliate your hands (you can used Le Visage Mousse Nettoyante on dry hands), then rinse off.

Moisturize your hands with Les Mains 2.0 Soin Total Anti-Âge and give yourself a nice, relaxing hand massage.

Swipe each nail with nail polish remover to get rid of residue and apply your first coat of Mila nail polish. Leave it to dry and apply a second layer.

Our tips: keep the layers thin by stripping your nails once down the middle, once on each side.

Les Mains 2.0 Soin Total Anti-Âge can be reapplied as needed.

Recycling instructions