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Why Rivoli?

Rivoli’s mission is to offer to a discerning clientele a range of highly effective skin care products that fully respect sustainability and safety requirements.


A beautiful skin is a healthy skin.

Efficient formulas

Without altering the perfect equilibrium of the cutaneous ecosystem, we feed the skin and boost its innate capacity to protect and regenerate itself, thanks to the ASPRivoli® Precursor Technology.

We continuously evaluate new pathways and molecules capable of giving ever-better results. Those findings will be integrated in our product line, whether it is a new formula or a 2.0 upgraded one.

Proven results

We go beyond the personal and therefore subjective assessment of a product by a panel of consumers.
We commit ourselves that all our products are subject to strict independent clinical testing, conducted under medical supervision to measure their real and objective effectiveness.


Rivoli is committed to taking all necessary steps to minimize the impact of our products on the environment.

Clean formulas

New products are formulated by avoiding the use of raw materials that:

  • are known to have a negative impact on the environment.
  • represent limited or non-reproducible resources.

We always give preference to ingredients that are natural or of biosynthetic origin.
We have established a highly restrictive blacklist to ban questionable ingredients from our formulas.
Our formulas are developed to be Vegan certified.

Greener packaging

We are constantly improving the recyclability of our products by using recycled and recyclable materials to the greatest extent possible.

Greener production

Our production facility is certified ISO-14001 and is enrolled in a governmental energy-saving program to reduce our carbon footprint.


Rivoli is committed to offer skin-friendly products.

Our formulas are developed in the full respect the EU cosmetic regulations (no animal testing) and undergo thorough safety tests conducted by independent labs.