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Our Technology

Rivoli has no limits to innovation when it comes to women’s beauty.

Thanks to the unique technologies of ASPRivoli® Precursor Technology and MLSRivoli® (Multi Lamellar Structure), combined with state of the art formulations, Rivoli skincare adapt to all women’s skin to fight against the skin aging process.

ASPRivoli® Precursor Technology

The systematic incorporation of ASPRivoli® Precursor Technology ensures the effectiveness of Rivoli skin care product: by encouraging the skin to activate precursor ingredients, ASPRivoli® Precursor Technology adjusts the availability of active ingredients precisely in function of the skin’s real-time needs. ASPRivoli® Precursor Technology's high concentration of active ingredients produces rapid, long-lasting results without risk of saturating the skin.

MLSRivoli® (Multi Lamellar Structure)

MLSRivoli® technology was developed to emulate the natural structure of healthy skin. The objective: to afford better penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the epidermis and ensure long-lasting protection by forming an efficient cutaneous barrier, which is particularly effective for dry and sensitive skin types.

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Our Technology