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Le Corps Réparation & Bien-Être

For an ideal healthy and balanced skin.

No less fragile than the skin on your face, the skin on the body is equally affected by daily external aggressions, the gradual natural loss of hydration (TEWL: Transepidermal Water Loss) and cutaneous aging — those are just some of the reasons why it’s vital to care for the skin on the body too!

To protect skin and diminish the adverse effects of environmental stress, use a daily body care product that strengthens the skin’s barrier against external aggressors and counteracts irritations and dryness for greater well-being and comfort.

Formulated with ASPRivoli® and MLSRivoli® technologies, Le Corps Réparation & Bien-Être provides essential elements for optimal skin rehydration, repair, reinforcement of the skin’s natural structure, and the balance of cutaneous microbiota. It is the most effective response to changes in the skin caused by stress and environmental aggressions and helps to preserve an ideal equilibrium.

It acts in three dimensions to:


  • +50% just 30 minutes after application.
  • +39% after 4 hours*.


  • a microscopic analysis shows that after 24 hours the Stratum corneum (the upper layer of the epidermis) is reconstituted and regains in density**.


  • 95% of volunteers reported diminished discomfort and 70% observed that their skin appeared less prone to irritation***.

Our formula is as clean as they come: vegan certified and friendly to cutaneous microbiota, it also comes in eco-friendly packaging.

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* In vivo tests on 20 volunteers, with twice-daily application for 21 days.
** Ex vivo tests on normal and lipid-deficient skin types.
*** In vivo tests on 20 volunteers, with twice-daily application for 21 days. Subjective evaluations.