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Le Visage Émulsion Ré-équilibrante

Give your skin the boost it needs.

Each season comes with its own set of skincare rules. In summer, your skin is even more prone to water loss, damage due to harmful UV rays, and other external agressions and inflammatory reactions. For this reason, it’s all the more important to support the skin by boosting its innate protection and self-regeneration mechanisms.

Le Visage Émulsion Ré-équilibrante is this summer day and night skincare for anyone that looks for :

A boost of the skin’s natural protective mechanism

A revolutionary complex of pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) and linoleic acid improves the skin’s natural protection mechanism to better counteract oxidation caused by sun exposure.

Applied as a daytime treatment before sun protection cream, it creates the perfect combination for carefree yet protected time in the sun.

A rebalancing treatment for healthy skin

A complex of inactive pre- and probiotics reinforces cuanteous microbiota adversely affected by stress and helps calm sensitivity and redness.

A More hydrated and tonified skin

By enhacing the production of cutaneous lipids in the epidermis, the skin regains its optimal elasticity, is better hydrated and becomes firmer.

Our Beauty tips:

  • Light texture easily absorbed and non-greasy finish make this formula ideal for both women and men.
  • All summer long, incorporate Le Visage Émulsion Ré-équilibtrante into your morning and evening skincare ritual.
  • Does not replace an SPF cream.

Vegan-certified formula

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*Ex vivo test, after seven days. **Clinical tests on 20 volunteers under dermatological supervision