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As the body’s biggest organ, the skin protects us from the outside world; its health and appearance reflect who we are and how we feel. It’s no surprise, then, that an uneven, lackluster complexion is often associated with negativity, while a luminous, radiant face never goes unnoticed.

But maintaining radiance isn’t always easy: there are many reasons why skin may appear uneven or dull: over-exposure to the sun, hormonal fluctuations, stress, and dehydration all play a role.

Now, thanks to Rivoli’s new upgraded formula, there is a solution to maintaining a radiant skin tone all year round.

Enriched with complexion-unifying properties to help restore the skin’s natural beauty, Le Visage Sérum Lumière N°02 is a veritable concentrate of anti-aging active ingredients that revives radiance, smoothens fine lines and wrinkles, and reinforces the cutaneous barrier.

The clinical tests results speak for themselves:

After just 30 minutes

  • +29%* increase in radiance
  • -16.2%* reduction in depth of wrinkles

After 28 days

  • 70%** of the panel reported a SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IN UNIFORMITY OF SKIN TONE (visibly diminished redness and dark spots)
    • -13.3%*** on naso-labial folds
    • -10.7%*** on forehead wrinkles

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*In-vivo test on the skin’s light refraction capacity, measured after 1 application. Performed on 20 women presenting dull and uneven skin tone.

** Average results of an in-vivo test performed on 20 women presenting dull and uneven skin tone (50% showing redness and 50% showing dark spots due to aging/photo-aging).

*** In-vivo tests, measured on 20 women presenting dull and uneven skin tone, with 1 application morning and evening.