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Le Visage

Rebalancing Emulsion

The perfect solution that boosts skin natural protection* for a healthy and fresh look.

*Clinically tested protection equivalent to an SPF25.

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Particularly adapted to sensitive skins, this emulsion soothes and perfectly rebalances cutaneous microbiota (also known as skin flora) that has been adversely affected by pollution, hormonal changes or stress, all of which contribute to premature aging and redness. The skin recovers optimal health while regaining firmness and hydration.



An original complex of pre- and probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus) reinforces the skin’s flora to boost protection. It reduces redness and sensitivity.


A complex of precursors derived from wild yam and soy regulates the production of cutaneous lipids to limit the negative effects of hormonal fluctuations and stress (internal or external). It restores firmness and elasticity to the skin.


A revolutionary complex of pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) and linoleic acid activates natural antioxidant mechanisms to protect cutaneous proteins from oxidation caused by UV exposure.

Application Tips

  • Apply twice a day (morning and evening) as a day and night treatment.
  • For stronger efficacy, wait 10 minutes before applying make up.


Tests concluded that after 28 days of application, Le Visage Émulsion Ré-Équilibrante reduced redness by 30% and increased the skin’s firmness by 20%.* In addition, it ensures protection of cutaneous proteins equivalent to an SPF25** product.

*Clinical tests on 20 volunteers under dermatological supervision.

**Ex vivo test, after seven days, with two daily applications.

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