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Le Visage

Intense Nutrition Cream

A rich, velvety cream for visibly rejuvenated, nourished skin

205.00 CHF
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This velvety-textured nourishing cream was specially formulated for parched, stressed skin in need of firmness and comfort. Le Visage Crème Nutrition Intense reactivates the epidermis’s natural anti-aging and hydrating mechanisms. Visibly rejuvenated, over time the skin regains its firmness, suppleness and softness.



The hyaluronic acid precursor promotes the production of hyaluronic acid molecules naturally present in the skin for profound and long-lasting results. The skin appears visibly hydrated, plumped and smooth.


A phenomenon in the world of cosmetics, an original peptide targets cutaneous cell receptors, making it possible to reverse the aging process. With continued application, it noticeably erases fine lines and wrinkles.


An extract of tamarind seeds improves skin’s hydration levels over time, leaving it noticeably softer and more supple, while the Vitamin B5 precursor calms the sensation of discomfort and nourishes the skin.

Application Tips

Apply morning and evening on a cleansed face.


Tests have revealed that the skin’s hydration level improves by up to 35% in the two hours following application. After two months of continued use, Le Visage Crème Nutrition Intense reduces the depth of wrinkles around the eyes by 20% and around the lips by 12%. In addition, the skin regains firmness (+12%).*

*Clinical tests conducted on 40 volunteers under dermatological supervision.

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