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Le Visage

Repairing Night Cream

A high-performance night cream for regenerated, more youthful skin

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Le Visage Crème de Nuit Réparatrice regenerates the skin and erases the visible signs of fatigue accumulated throughout the day. In addition, thanks to a mix of highly effective anti-aging ingredients, it reinforces the cutaneous barrier and helps the skin defend itself from external aggressions.



A precursor complex composed of amino acids (tyrosine, proline) accelerates the repair of damage to DNA caused by UV rays and intensifies the skin’s natural regeneration process. Resveratrol, a red grape extract, supports the process of repairing and protecting the skin.


A precursor complex of oat amino acids, Vitamin B and a source of cellular energy helps the skin produce its own proteins and reinforce its structure from the inside.


An extract of polysaccharide-rich tamarind seeds boosts long-term hydration, leaving the skin noticeably softer and more supple.

Application Tips

Apply every night on a cleansed face and neck.


Tests concluded that after just 14 days of application, Le Visage Crème de Nuit Réparatrice reduced the number of wrinkles by 37%.* In addition, 90% of volunteers reported a noticeable improvement in skin texture; 70% found that their skin was soothed, and 65% highlighted a noticeable reduction of visible signs of fatigue.

*Clinical tests conducted on 21 volunteers under dermatological supervision.

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