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Le Démaquillant

Purifying Cleansing Gel

A perfectly cleaned skin with plant extracts*.
Vegan certified.

* 100% of volunteers found that it perfectly removes face and eye makeup, even waterproof ones. Clincally tested.

89.00 CHF
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A true innovation, Le Démaquillant Purifying Cleansing Gel for the face and eyes is a cleanser and makeup remover that completely purifies the skin, lifting away long lasting and even waterproof makeup formulas, leaving it fully replenished while respecting cutaneous microbiota. Formulated to respect the skin’s delicate ecosystem, it is ideally suited for both sensitive and dry skin types well adapted to any cleansing routine, with or without rinsing, and leaving absolutely no residue.



The combination of coconut oil and a sugar derivative cleanses deeply, eliminating makeup; impurities and excess sebum are removed without stripping away the skin’s protective hydrolipidic film. It purifies the skin, cleanses pores and preserves cutaneous microbiota.


Well-known for their exceptional detoxifying properties, oils from the macadamia nut and pomegranate seed counteract skin damage caused by oxidative stress and boost cells’ regenerative processes.


A gentle formula enriched with nutritive oils replenishes the skin, contributing to improving hydration levels and maintaining the cutaneous flora balance to preserve and optimize skin health.

Application Tips

Apply Le Démaquillant Purifying Cleansing Gel on a slightly wet cotton cloth and gently sweep over face and eyes. Alternatively, directly massage into dry or damp face. Wash-off or cleanse off with the help of the cotton cloth.


All volunteers found that Le Démaquillant perfectly removes face and eye makeup, even waterproof and long lasting formulas. 97% of pollution particules is removed.*

Hydration improves by 8% after one single application**.

The formula of Le Démaquillant is microbiota friendly: it does not alter the skin barrier and respects the pH of the skin. ***

*In-Vivo test on 20 volunteers exposed to coal particles, removal action with a cotton cloth.

**In-Vivo test on 20 volunteers, removal action with a cotton cloth.

***In-Vivo test on 20 volunteers aged over 18 years old, by measurement of the skin pH variations.

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