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Le Corps

Repair & wellness

Well-being and comfort: an effective body treatment to re-balance the skin.

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Used on a daily basis, this treatment provides an effective answer to changes in the skin caused by stress and external aggressions.

This soothing, repairing formula offers proven effectiveness thanks to a three-dimensional action: it favors intense and long-lasting hydration, rebalances the skin’s microbiota and restores its natural hydrolipidic film.

This product is VEGAN



A complex that reinforces the skin's natural moisturizing mechanisms (NMF: Natural Moisturizing Factor) is combined with MLS (Multi Lamellar Structure) technology to provide the essential elements for optimal skin rehydration.


A precursor active ingredient of phytosterols derived from wild yam and soy extracts improves the production of lipids necessary for the reconstruction of the Stratum corneum and the repair of the skin’s natural barrier.


An extract of great burdock (Arcitium lappa) maintains the bacteriological balance of the skin's microbiota in order to calm itching, reduce redness and above all reinforce the skin’s resilience against everyday aggressions.

Application Tips

Morning and evening apply to the entire body using light, circular massaging motions.


Improved hydration: +50% just 30 minutes after application; +39% after 4 hours*.

Improved reparation: a microscopic analysis shows that after 24 hours the Stratum corneum (the upper layer of the epidermis) is reconstituted and regains its natural density.**

95% of volunteers reported diminished discomfort and 70% observed that their skin appeared less prone to irritation***

* In vivo tests on 20 volunteers, with twice-daily application for 21 days.

** Ex vivo tests on normal and lipid-deficient skin types.

*** In vivo tests on 20 volunteers, with twice-daily application for 21 days. Subjective evaluations.

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